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Morcaman Sales has been designed to allow you to purchase full length feature films, (with the exception of  Kartoon Circus and Sprockets and Splices which are 30 minutes),  each movie is hosted by a unique character or characters created by Morcaman Productions, Inc.

Pale Moonlight Theater – 25 total episodes  (Hosted by Professor Terrance von Riesling) Horror and Syfy.

Six Gun Theater  – 52 total episodes (Hosted by Kelly Bob Stublefield) (Westerns with cartoons and chaptered serials).

Dark Jungle Theater – 26 total episodes (Hosted by Princess Omaka) (Jungle themed with chaptered serials).

Who Dunit Theater – 26 total episodes (Hosted by Spurlock Holmes with a chaptered serial).

FrightMare Theater – 58 total episodes (Hosted by Mistress Scarlet and her “Sisters”) Horror and Syfy.

Kartoon Circus – 65 episodes E/I certified (Hosted by Dal Sanders and Boopsie the Clown).

Kartoon Festival – 26 episodes (Hosted by Angel- featuring classic cartoons)

Matinee Movie Serials – 12 episodes of the chaptered serial:  “King of the Rocket Men” – hosted by Captain Styletto 

Clutch and Friends – 52 episodes: (Hosted by 4 different ladies as they introduce Clutch Cargo; Captain Fathom; The Space Angel and Diver Dan)

SanKopf Theater – 5 total episodes.  (Host Doris Roddy Howard) introduces award winning actor Mr. Willie Minor.

Sprockets and Splices – 100 episodes.  Independent films submitted from around the world and hosted by beautiful amateur models – “The Splice Girls”.

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  1. The movies are all segmented, .
  2. All movies are taken from the Public Domain and each print is as clean as possible.
  3. All movies are shipped via a Hard drive (Other options available).
  4. Movies are NOT closed captioned. The first 26 episodes of Kartoon Circus are Closed Captioned.
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